Schoolchildren, students march in Riga against climate change

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Environmentally conscious schoolchildren, students and their supporters gathered in a park in the city center to march to the parliament building as part of the Global Climate Strike for Future, which was held on March 15 in more than 98 countries and regions.

RIGA, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Over 1000 schoolchildren and university students in Riga on Friday took part in a demonstration against climate change, joining similar protests across the world.

The protesters also voiced indignation over authorities and fellow citizens' indifference to the looming global climate crisis.

"Climate change, which humans have triggered by burning fossil fuels, should be on top of the political agenda, but unfortunately it isn't," said another participant of the demonstration.

Participants of the protest demanded urgent political action to curb global warming and compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

One of the participants of the action said on public radio that he joined the demonstration because politicians mostly offered short-term solutions to environmental issues without thinking about a more distant future and that it would take global efforts to stop climate change.